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Impressão digital para ouvir música

19 anos atrás

Agora a RIAA, associação da indústria musical, está desenvolvendo um novo MP3 player que para tocar pede que o usuário use a impressão digital. Agora "eles" irão saber até que música você esta ouvindo. Absurdo. Claro que não vai pegar.

Fonte "The Register"

Not content with asking for an arm and a leg from consumers and artists, the music industry now wants your fingerprints, too. The RIAA is hoping that a new breed of music player which requires biometric authentication will put an end to file sharing.

Established biometric vendor Veritouch has teamed up with Swedish design company to produce iVue: a wireless media player that allows content producers to lock down media files with biometric security. This week Veritouch announced that it had demonstrated the device to the RIAA and MPAA. "In practical terms, VeriTouch's breakthrough in anti-piracy technology means that no delivered content to a customer may be copied, shared or otherwise distributed because each file is uniquely locked by the customer's live fingerprint scan," claims the company.