Firefox 0.9 deve sair em 14/6

Postei outro dia sobre o Firefox, meu browser default na atualidade. Li no sobre o lançamento da próxima versão do Firefox aproximadamente dia 14/6. Não sei se vai ter muita diferença. Confira o post:

Ben Goodger today announced on the MozillaZine forums that Firefox 0.9 is to be released next week.

“We’re targeting a 6/12 or 6/14 (earlier better) release date for 0.9. I don’t see much point in holding onto this one for too long since it’ll only eat into 1.0b development cycle time. It looks like EM etc mostly works.”

New features in 0.9 include:
Import bookmarks, passwords, cookies, form history, history, and options from Internet Explorer. Import some of these things from Mozilla, Netscape 4, and Opera.
“Copy Image” on image context menus (Windows and Mac).
Set as wallpaper dialog that lets you choose tiled/centered/stretched. (The dialog also prevents you from blowing away your previous wallpaper).
Show a warning dialog when closing a multi-tabbed browser window
Dragging text to search bar should search for it; dragging URL to address bar should go there
Allow deletion of form autocomplete results (Shift+Delete)
Support for smb:// and sftp:// URLs in gtk2 builds using the gnome-vfs library
GTK2 installer
Right-click a form textbox and select “Add keyword for this search” to set up bookmark keywords easily
URLBar autofill (inline autocomplete) with hidden pref “browser.urlbar.autoFill”

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