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    Al setbacks over the past two years, while the dissolution of parliament's lower house last year. That ruling was also from michael kors handbag the Supreme Constitutional Court, which had judged the law governing its election invalid.In its decision on saturday, The court said that not explicitly banning religious slogans in campaigns runs counter to national unity and the definition of citizenship. It said religious slogans may distract voters from taking care of the candidate's platform.The bill will be returned to the Shura Council, Or top house of parliament, For discussion. The council has temporarily assumed legislative powers in the absence of a lower house of parliament.It was the discount michael kors second rebuff for the meanwhile parliament's electoral law. The first came in March when a court ruled that the Shura Council had improperly passed the law without allowing the country's Supreme Constitutional Court to review it to ensure it conforms with the constitution. basically annulled Morsi's decree to begin elections in April.The Supreme Constitutional Court similarly ruled Saturday against a provision of the law worth considering media outlets to give equal time to candidates, Saying this violates opportunity of the press.The court also said the bill breaches the principles of split up of powers because it allows the president to set election dates and change them. Morsi had said newly elections could be held in October.The to and fro over the law is the latest example of the power tussle between the judiciary and Morsi and his allies.Another row is centered on a michael kors bags on sale controversial law that would drop retirement age for judges from 70 to 60. This would affect nearly a quarter of the country's 13,000 judges and justice officials, quite a few in senior positions, these kinds of in Egypt's Supreme Constitutional Court.Muslim Brotherhood congress backed by other Islamists in the Shura Council pushed ahead with plans to debate the judicial reform law Saturday.The move by the president's party and others prompted the country's top council of judges to suspend participation in a governmentbacked conference earlier this year. Morsi had sponsored the management meeting, Which was meant to allow judges the opportunity to draft proposals on how reform the judiciary.Morsi's allies say Egypt's judiciary is stuffed with supporters of ousted president Hosni Mubarak, Who been employed by to undermine the transition to democracy and the Islamists' rise to power.Many judges agree in principle on the desire for reform, But don't want the presidency or the legislature to carry on with it. They say Morsi has tried to interfere in their affairs and curb their liberty.On tuesday, competitors lawmakers wore black sashes during the Shura Council session that read: “illegitimate procedure. lacking legitimacy law,The handful of level of resistance members in the Shura Council shouted “lacking legitimacy” As the speaker phone of the interim parliament, Ahmed Fahmy, Said the law will be debated in principle by the body's what is Committee. Fahmy can be another Brotherhood party member.Dozens of protesters outside house were led by opposition figure Hamdeen Sabahi, Who placed third in the nation's nationwide presidential elections last year. They accused the Shura Council itself of being unlawful, Recalling the belief that only 7 percent of the electorate voted for the body, Which typically does not legislate. Morsi names a third of the council's members,This law is a clear attack on the judiciary and it's against the structure, Sabahi told The related Press. “There's no one logical or wise reason in the nation's interest to insist on passing this law with such hastiness or even discussing it in the Shura Council,Egypt's Mubarak on life uphold after stroke

    There are conflicting reports about the fitness of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, Who reportedly a break down stroke early today in a prison hospital.

    Egypt's staterun Middle East News Agency said doctors had said Mubarak, 84, “scientifically dead” After he was used a military hospital from prison. Security authorities and his lawyer said he is still alive on life support.

    Mubarak was sentenced June 2 to life louis vuitton handbags in prison over the deaths of prodemocracy protesters last year. ET: voicing an “endorsed source, Ahram Online claims that Mubarak is in “Very critical condition using lifesustaining equipment” At Maadi military services Hospital.

    associated with “rumors” About a possible curfew next two days, “Another official source recommended” the businesses “Are not totally unproven, Speculating that precautions would need to be taken should Mubarak die.

    Were Mubarak to die over the following 48 hours, Thursday's official announcement of the winner of the presidential election would probably be delayed, Ahram online says, Citing its supply.

    Ahram says that just in case the former president's death, His two imprisoned sons would be allowed to interact a family funeral.

    Funeral prayers would possibly be said at a mosque near the family cemetery in Heliopolis, a functional Cthat airo suburb. ET: Cheering and fireworks erupted in Tahrir Square following the reports that Mubarak was “clinically dead, Ahram on-line says, Adding which many demonstrators in the square support the Muslim Brotherhood. ET: Reuters, Which initially reported that Mubarak was technically dead, Explains the genesis of its report and subsequent statements that he's still alive:

    Earlier their state news agency, Amid high tension over the election of a new chief executive, michael kors shoes Quoted medical sources as saying hmo's head of state, aged 84, ended up “scientifically dead, That meaning was used also to Reuters by a hospital source.

    But three sources in the military and security services, Which michael kors mens wallet retain control adopting the revolt, Said Mubarak was being kept alive and said on many occasions they'd not use the expression “scientifically dead” to spell out his condition.

    commander Said Abbas, A person in the ruling military council, revealed Reuters, That Mubarak had a break down stroke but added: “Any talk of him being technically dead is nonsense,

    Another forces source said: “He is completely unconscious.

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